Since I was very young, I’ve always had the dream of some day travelling the world. I held onto that dream despite it being the huge cliche dream of every college student. In fact I could probably attribute a large part of the insane “work-your-ass-off” attitude I’ve maintained since 2011 to the travel bug. […]

We Like It So… If your goal is to achieve a high level of financial independence it is easy to understand why you would want to avoid debt. If you owe money, you immediately become dependent on your income, your job, your bank and a lot of other small things that can add up to a […]

With the final hours of cyber Monday winding down and all the post thanksgiving weekend madness behind us, lets talk a bit about the holiday season ahead. If you haven’t guessed already, I try my very best to avoid sticking my nose out of the house on days that have names like Black Friday, Terrible […]

I was fortunate enough to become debt free at a relatively young age. My last loan was paid in full shortly  after my 26th birthday. Now if you are really smart and maybe a little bit lucky too, you never had the ‘opportunity’ to borrow any money. In that case good for you because you […]

I am a firm believer in in the power of people. The more smart, healthy, worry-free people we can get working together, the better our world can be. But to keep believing this way, I have found, takes constant work of reflection on my part. The news cycle is and forever seems to be filled […]

Even today, when I hear the word ‘frugal’, there are many negative images that instantly spring to my mind. I can’t seem to help but think about cheapness or dirtiness when someone brings it up. Just saying the word ‘fruuuu-gulll’…Uhg. Not only is it barbaric sounding but it also (kinda) rhymes with dull (bOoOoOooring). A lot […]

It has been nearly a year since I have written anything for my little blog. Call it lack of motivation I suppose. The funny thing is that I’ve thought about certain subjects many times over the months but never followed through on writing any of them down… Shame on me! I think the thing I […]

When I think back a few months to the days when I ways is debt I can still very clearly remember how overwhelmed I felt on a day to day basis. The first few years I tried not to think about it too much. Every once and a while the thought of those student loans […]

When we think about our goals for the future it sometimes feels like there is so much time between now and then that we can afford a few simple pleasures along the way without putting a big dent in our financial plans. While in theory there is no problem with having a bit of fun […]

When it comes to saving extra hard to achieve a financial goal it is easy to become obsessed over how much is really enough. I have a tendency to mull over my financial independence goal on a daily basis. Focusing on this single goal repeatedly over a long period of time has allowed me to […]