Even today, when I hear the word ‘frugal’, there are many negative images that instantly spring to my mind. I can’t seem to help but think about cheapness or dirtiness when someone brings it up. Just saying the word ‘fruuuu-gulll’…Uhg. Not only is it┬ábarbaric sounding but it also (kinda) rhymes with dull (bOoOoOooring). A lot […]

When it comes to saving extra hard to achieve a financial goal it is easy to become obsessed over how much is really enough. I have a tendency to mull over my financial independence goal on a daily basis. Focusing on this single goal repeatedly over a long period of time has allowed me to […]

When it comes to personal finance we are going to have to deal with numbers. Whether or not you find that unfortunate is a matter of preference. I usually enjoy working with numbers and more often than not I can take things a little too far. That being said, I still believe that tracking your […]