Hi. Sam here. I started this blog with the aim of telling a bit of my story working through debt and taking charge of my finances. I don’t consider myself an expert and I’ve learned pretty much everything from other people. I’ve managed to apply that knowledge to dig myself out of a massive amount of student loans and then save and invest my way to a point where I could sustain myself for years without any additional income.

All of this happened in a short span of 5-6 years with jobs that barely require a high school degree (restaurants and coffee shops). I’ve learned firsthand that the road to financial freedom is open to anyone who is willing. My hope is that I can pass some knowledge along, share some ideas and provide a bit of the necessary motivation for those who want it.

That being said, I’ve always wanted to incorporate travel into my life and I’ve been lucky to do so to a degree. However, by getting a better hold over my finances, I hope to make travel a bigger part of my life. So, I hope some of these trips can provide some further inspiration to anyone in search of some.